Hermann Goering Captured

The Dastardly Past:  Hermann Goering Captured.


On May 9, 1945 Brigadier General Robert Stack, accompanied by a group of soldiers from the 36th Infantry Division, intercepted a convoy in Austria and captured one of the most dastardly figures who ever existed—Hermann Goering.  It’s not necessary, or even feasible in this small space, to recount the gross pillaging, looting, war crimes, and crimes against humanity committed by Hitler’s right-hand man.  It’s enough to say that it was on a scale that surpassed any other ancient tyrant, villain, or madman in history.  Allied Forces tried him at Nuremburg and intended to hang him. Like other historic malignancies, however, Goering preferred suicide.  He took cyanide the night before his scheduled execution in October 1946.

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