From the Archives of Human Folly

From the Archives of Human Folly:  Mankind vs. Cats.


Let us all take a moment to pity poor Philip McGloin of San Patricio County, Texas, whose circumstances we can all relate to.  Twenty-five-year-old Philip, sound asleep in the middle of the night, was rudely awakened by the yowls of an unfulfilled cat.  In 1906 few, if any, people neutered cats and dogs.  He might have tried a number of methods to quiet the animal or drive it away by shouting and throwing objects; as this was probably not the first night’s slumber the creature had disturbed.  Is it any wonder that Philip took up his shotgun with the intention of eliminating the noise at its source?  In a bizarre twist, however, the goddess of cats intervened to protect the feline.  As Philip strode onto the porch steps, they gave way and his gun went off as he fell.  Philip died of a shot to his head—a martyr to interrupted slumber.

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