Fact or fiction, supernatural or true crime, buried treasure or state secrets, I love a mystery.  In this blog fans and practitioners of the mystery genre will find a timeline, short essays, and reviews celebrating the great and the good that delight us:  writers, actors, books, short stories, movies, etc.  You will also find real people—notable, forgotten, or obscure—who reflect important developments in the history of the mysterious:  anthropology, archaeology, criminology, detection, forensics, jurisprudence, toxicology, etc.  I also include breakthroughs in science, communications, and transportation over the last couple of centuries.

I hope people will find this blog useful as a reference tool to fight anachronisms in fiction, as a source of writer’s prompts, to find entertainment, to question human nature, and to settle bar bets.

The whole blogging thing is new to me, especially the technical aspects of it.  (See also  “superannuated.”) If you stick with it, however, I will try to deliver entries worth your while.  Please note that all work on this site is my own unless otherwise noted, and may not be used without my express written permission.  Thank you!

Jane Lenz Elder